Founded in 2014, our studio comprises two symbiotic offices, one in Beijing and one in Los Angeles. Development and production happens in the US, while China handles marketing, publicity and distribution. We create Hollywood-caliber content with a built in distribution network in the single biggest film market in the world.

With our expanding development slate, DreamEast Pictures will produce both animated and live-action films with franchise potential for audiences of all ages. For this we are looking for four-quadrant films in the vein of HOME ALONE, GOONIES, THE SANDLOT, and BACK TO THE FUTURE; those beloved 80s and 90s films that no one seems to make anymore. Keeping within the $10 million range, these films will primarily be made for the Chinese audience with the intention to travel in other territories.

In addition, we are expanding our purview to include production, co-production, and financing for live-action projects in the $3 million or less range. We are seeking exciting projects in the genres thriller, horror (not slasher or torture), comedy, rom-com and drama. These projects do not have to necessarily be for the Chinese market. We are also seeking investment opportunities in the form of gap financing for mid- to high-budget studio projects looking for that final $1, 2, or 3-million investment.